Tips to drive through waterlogged roads

    Tips to drive through waterlogged roads

    It is common knowledge that monsoons are not as kind as we would want them to be with all the different problems such as potholes, poor visibility, flooding, and waterlogged roads. Driving in this season can be rather problematic and this is why it is important that you know some tips to do so properly.

    Avoiding speeding

    You may think it is funny to speed through puddles and waterlogged roads splashing water all around but in actuality doing this would be immensely harmful for your vehicle. Waterlogged means you cannot see open drains and potholes on the road and if you speed in such circumstances you might end up driving into them.

    Staying in the central lane

    If you must drive through a waterlogged road it would be better if you stuck to the middle of the road. This is because the water is deeper on the sides in such cases. Also, maintain an optimum speed in such situations.

    Avoiding driving in case water level is over the exhaust

    Before you venture out onto a waterlogged road with your car judge the depth of the water over there. If you see the water rising over your door sills it is better to not drive.

    Keeping the throttle pressed

    If you must drive through a waterlogged road make sure that you are keeping the throttle pressed throughout. Ensure that you have a consistent speed – also there is no need to floor the throttle. Just a gentle press would be good enough.

    Avoiding to start your car

    If you see that your car has stalled amidst the water please do not attempt to restart the engine. In that case your car could go into hydraulic lock and that might lead to the engine suffering a seizure.

    Making way for others

    This might come across a bit harsh but on waterlogged roads it is always better to follow other cars. This way, you would stay informed if the car before you lands in any problem. If you see a car coming from the other direction wait for it to pass and then move ahead.

    Taking alternate routes

    During monsoons always look for alternate routes that are less likely to be flooded. They may be busiest during this season since everybody else would be using them too. However, you would also be able to save a lot of money that you may have to spend otherwise.

    If you drive through the rains it can stress both your car and you. Having said that, it is better that you get you car checked before the monsoons arrive and get it ready for the issues ahead. These days, most car manufacturers offer such camps.

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