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    Owner of Egadi
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    Mr. Rahul Prasad Banerjee has more than 25 years of Experience in the Automobile Industry. A BE Mechnaical Degree & MBA holder in Risk Management & Marketing, he started its career back in 1996 as a service advisor at Maruti Suzuki. Further, he succesfully conducted many training sessions with Maruti Service Training Center and has also worked as Vice President of Sales and service for 7 Years with Maruti Suzuki (NCR region). For his services, he has been honoured with the Prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award From “Hushoumati Taka San and Randhir Singh Kalsi (MD- Maruti Suzuki)”. He has now now opened His own venture “Egadi” along with his fine-tuned team, who worked under him in his service tenure.

    Egadi is a multi-brand car service & reselling company specializing on alternate fuel automotives with robotic assistance. We aim to devise a pathway for all electric/ hydrogen powered car owners and position ourselves as a one-stop workshop solution center through our simplified, clever and cost-effective solutions. Founded back in 2018, Egadi has come a long way to establish an innovative workshop hub specializing all type powertrain cars. We offer everything from: scheduled services like oil changes, brake service, car ac service, or electrical car servicing to doorstep car service & emergency roadside assistance.

    Egadi aims to curb the dependency on fossilized mobility through enhanced technology & attainable service operations on alternative fuels.

    At Egadi, our mission is to be the pioneer in sales & service of electrical and other alternative fuel cars.

    Cars are a precious possession for us “Indians” and maintenance of such asset is equally important to achieve peace of mind especially during short & long-distance travels. Thus, it is important to have proficient car repair and maintenance solutions in today’s fast-paced world. We at Egadi employ the latest techniques along with trained service providers to take care of your car servicing requirements covering all range of cars. Our service highlight ranges from: