Ways to enhance the resale value of your car

    resale value of your car

    There are plenty of options that you will get when you look for cars in the market but no matter which one you bring home it will always bring a smile to the faces of your family members. However, with time your car gets older and its performance keeps on declining.

    Proper and regular maintenance

    This is the first factor that you must keep in mind when you are trying to improve the resale value of your car. Make sure that the service logbook is updated – it will be crucial when you try to sell the car and get the price that you want for the vehicle.

    Drive carefully

    How you drive your car has a say on the wear and tear that it suffers over time. If you are always revving the engine at a high level or engaging in aggressive driving it will deteriorate the value of your vehicle pretty quickly.

    Regular cleaning

    If you do not remove all the road dust, tree sap, bird droppings, and insects on your car regularly you can find it hard to remove all of them later on. This practice may also damage the paintwork of your car over time. Always clean and remove them as soon as possible.

    Try to park in shelters

    If your car is exposed directly to rain and sun its exterior will eventually be affected. So, whenever you can, park your car in a sheltered or covered area so that the impact of the forces of nature can be minimized the best.

    Invest in protection

    If you regularly apply protective coatings such as wax on your car it will extend the visual appeal and life of your car, and that too, significantly! You can also paint it once each year to help it keep looking new – do it yourself or get it done by professionals.

    Avoid smoking

    If you smoke in your car regularly and do so for long times on each occasion there will always be a permanent odour of the same within the vehicle. This can affect the decision of your prospective buyers as well!

    Do not let the interiors be damaged by your fur babies

    There is no doubt that your furball is a member of your family but if you take them for a drive each day in your car make sure you use rugs or towels to control the fall and consequent spread of their hair on the seats and the carpet.


    You can customize your car with alloy wheels that catch one’s eye or a modified exhaust system, and this could hold personal value for the person who is buying your used vehicle. However, please note that buyers in the used car market are not always looking for performance-enhancing modifications.

    If you want to receive the value that you want for your car you must maintain it properly. So, please take into account the factors that we have enumerated over here and that way you will get the true value of your used car.

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