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Car Detailing In Noida​

Your car is not simply a means to get around town; it’s an expression of who you are and how you want to be seen by others. Egadi, a leading service provider of car detailing in Noida, is aware of the significance of keeping the exterior and interior of your vehicle in pristine condition as well as ensuring its proper functionality. Our car detailing services in Noida are very complete and are meant to give your car the attention it needs to look its best.

What makes Egadi Body Coating Services unique?

When you decide to use Egadi for your car detailing in Noida needs, you can be confident that you are getting the best service available. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Genuine Products: We use 100% genuine products for all services and never settle for anything less.
  • Free Maintenance: Get the two complimentary maintenance washes and the ceramic top-ups delivered to your doorstep by the company.
  • No Hidden Charges: We assure you that our pricing structure is straightforward and does not contain any hidden fees.
  • No Showroom/Franchise Cost: Our services are affordable without the need to pay for showrooms or franchising.

At Egadi, cars are our passion, and we’re devoted to making sure that your car is always in excellent condition. Contact us right now to schedule your appointment for car detailing in Noida and enjoy the difference!


    What we provide under car detailing in Noida

    Car Spa Services

    Our car detailing in Noida includes car spa services that are carefully designed to give your car the very best quality pampering it deserves. From hand washing and wax polishing to doing a thorough cleaning of the inside, we don’t spare any effort in making sure that your car looks and feels brand new. Our car detailing services include:

    • Hand Wash and Wax Polishing on Exterior Panels: Rejuvenate your car’s lustre and shield its paint with our hand wash and wax polishing services.
    • Interior Vacuuming and Upholstery Cleaning: Say goodbye to dust, dirt, and allergens with our impeccable interior cleaning services.
    • Leather Seat Conditioning: Your leather seats will stay soft and not get worn out with our specialised conditioning and moisturising treatments.
    • Glass and Windscreen Cleaning: Take advantage of our glass and windscreen cleaning services to make sure you have clear visibility.
    • Alloy Wheels and Tyre Dressing: Add some shine to your wheels and invest in our tyre dressing treatments that will keep them looking as good as new and roadworthy for a long time.
    • Engine Bay Degreasing and Cleaning: Keep your engine in perfect working condition with our engine bay degreasing and cleaning services.

    Body Coating

    Our body coating services, such as Teflon and Ceramic coating, are one of the best service for car detailing in Noida. These services are required to protect the paint of your vehicle.

    Teflon Coating:

    Teflon coating is famous for its water and dirt-repellent features; therefore, it is perfect for those who want to preserve their car’s paint. Here are some features of Teflon coating:

    • Water Repellent: Water and mud will not hold on to your car’s surface, making it easier to get rid of them when you wash your car.
    • Bird Dropping Protection: Keep corrosion away with a Teflon coating proven to resist acidic bird droppings.
    • Mild Scratch Resistance: Teflon coating’s anti-scratching and stone chip properties make it possible to resist minor scratches.
    • Affordable: Teflon coating is cheap enough for most small and budget car owners.

    Ceramic Coating:

    • To achieve the highest level of gloss and protection, opt for our Ceramic coating services. The Ultra 9H Coating comes in a wide variety of options, from 1 to 5 years of protection; this coating offers superior.
    • Features include:
    • Super Hydrophobic: With a surface that is dirt and grime-repellent, you can stay cleaner for longer.
    • Superior Protection: Guard your vehicle against aggressive pollutants and corrosive chemicals by employing our ceramic coatings.
    • Molecular Bonding: Our coatings adhere to the surface at a molecular level, offering secure and long-lasting protection.

    Paint Protective Film (PPF) Coating:

    If you want extra shock absorption from stones and other flying debris, our PPF coating services could be the best option. PPF, with its self-repairing properties and essentially invisible application, is simply the best way to guard your car against damage to the exterior.

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