10 Essential Car Safety Accessories

    Car Safety Accessories

    These days, you have a plethora of technological advancements to choose from but despite that maintaining a car in India still happens to be such a daunting task. Even more important than that, car owners are always looking for ways to make their cars more exquisite in terms of areas such as performance, appeal, and comfort. This is why they are always looking for car accessories that are essential for the optimal performance and maintenance of their car. In any case, most of the cars these days have globally leading features such as power steering, and ABS (anti-lock braking systems) with EBD (electronic brake force distribution), etc.

    Puncture repair kit

    Punctures happen at the most unexpected times and this is why it is imperative that you have a puncture repair kit with you at all times to make sure that such unfortunate circumstances can be avoided.

    Pressure gauges and tyre inflator

    If you ever suffer a flat tire you can fix it on the spot without getting any assistance from a professional car workshop if you have tire inflators and pressure gauges.

    Security alarm system

    A security alarm system is one of the most essential accessories for car owners and it is necessary for sidestepping unauthorized intrusion in your car. The system provides you with real-time notification in case intruders try to break a windshield or window in your car or open its doors.

    Dash camera

    The main purpose of a dash camera is recording on-road drives. It also provides data on all on-road accidents and mishaps.

    Rear view camera and parking sensors

    For most car owners in India it is a big challenge to park their cars safely in the garages and parking lots. This is why car makers install these safety accessories to help you steer clear of bumping your car.

    GPS (global positioning system) indicator

    If you have a vehicle tracking system you get a wide range of benefits from it such as the following:

    • real-time location tracking
    • car maintenance alert
    • route optimization
    • fleet management
    • customizable notifications
    • vehicle utilization measurements

    Jumper cable

    Normally, when waiting in congested traffic most people tend to switch off their car’s engines and this leads to the battery being drained unnecessarily. In such cases, a pair of jumper cables is a handy option to have.

    Floor mats and seat covers

    You can consider reupholstering the aesthetics of their car’s interiors by upgrading their seat covers. You can by using PU (polyurethane) leather fabric so that you can have an exclusive appearance and optimum comfort.

    Chrome package

    Car owners might also upgrade the aesthetics of the exteriors of their cars with the following:

    • tail light
    • chrome side mounting
    • door belt line
    • chrome garnish on the rear and the bumper

    However, there is so much more than you can do in this regard.

    The final name that needs to be taken in this case is that of front fog lamps. This is especially necessary for people who travel regularly to areas with dense fog – these lamps provide them with clear visibility.

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