Common Electrical Problems In Cars

    Common Electrical Problems In Cars

    It does not matter what car you have – a Ferrari, a Hyundai, a Bugatti, or a Honda – they have one thing in common. All of them are susceptible to electrical problems at any given time. Irrespective of its make, age, class, or working condition a car will suffer electrical problems. There are some warning signs in this case though which help you determine the problem that your car is facing.

    Engine starter troubles

    There are multiple reasons why your car may not start and a faulty or damaged starter is one among them. As the name suggests, this is the one part of the car from where you begin the entire process of operating your vehicle. If your starter is not working you will not be able to go anywhere even if you have a great alternator belt and a fully charged battery!

    Car battery problems

    At times your car might not start even when you have checked the starter and it is making the click sound. This could either mean that your battery is dead or your starter wiring has become loose. The biggest reasons for battery problems are damage, leakage from the battery, and poor battery life.

    Malfunctioning alternator

    Once you have checked out the battery it is time you did so with the alternator. In case the alternator is malfunctioning you will be able to know that for sure. If it is damaged the car would start to lose power and will get gradually slower.

    Short circuit

    Nobody likes to deal with more than what they can and the same goes for your car’s electrical circuit as well. If the circuit has more power than it can handle it will lead to a short circuit. This is a serious electrical problem in your car in the sense that it might lead to your car burning and the vehicle may explode in certain circumstances as well!

    Loose spark plugs

    Just as loose screws do to wooden furniture, if you have loose spark plugs in your car it can cause quite a lot of damage. They are supposed to power up the piston, and so if the spark plugs in your car are loose you can be sure that there will be some unusual activity. If you see that your car is losing power fast and eventually coming to a standstill it could be because of damaged spark plugs or manufacturing issues in the vehicle.

    Loose wires and faulty fuse boxes

    When the fuse of your car blows quite a lot you know it is time you replaced the fuse box. If there are loose wires around the fuse the latter will blow. Even more important than that is the fact that if there are loose and faulty wires in your car the latter could lose power rapidly.

    Cranking the engine

    At times, there might be a defective part or two in your car and that could lead to issues with its electrical system. This, in turn, might end up draining the battery of your car. That means that the starter is not able to crank the engine. In such cases, you will see the ‘check engine’ sign on your display flashing and your vehicle will not start.

    Remember that electrical problems in your car are not to be ignored and this is why it is better that in such cases you get your vehicle checked by a leading service provider. It is important to resolve such a problem as soon as you detect one. If you see that your car is behaving unusually you need to get help from an Egadi expert.

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