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    Wheel Alignment & Balancing Services

    Car Servicing
    At Egadi, we encourage regular maintenance service for your vehicle, including wheel alignment service. Regular maintenance is important to help avoid costly repairs later on, and misalignment is something that occurs fairly often with most vehicles.
    Main Causes

    Your vehicle can become misaligned from various causes, but one of the main causes are:

    1. Potholes
    2. Bumpy Roads
    3. Minor Collisions
    4. Sudden Steering Maneuvers
    Misalignment Symptons
    • Uneven tread on your tires
    • Some drivers will also notice their vehicle pulling strongly to either the right or the left.
    • Strong Vibrations generated from Steering Wheel

    Once you notice either of these symptoms, it is important to bring your vehicle to our shop for a wheel alignment. Call Egadi Now!