Car Maintenance Tips in Summer

    Car Maintenance

    If you want your car to be ready for the summers you would have to pay special attention to the same. This is because pretty soon really high temperatures would become the order of the day. At least, that is how it would be before the rainy season sets in. The thing with summer is that crucial parts of your car could be damaged by the high temperatures at that time and that could lead it to break down as well. Just like every other machine out there your car also deserves to have sessions where it is maintained and that needs to happen quite frequently.

    Taking care of the cooling system

    This is the most important suggestion in this particular context because it has to do with the heart of your car. The cooling system acts as a shield that makes sure your car does not get overheated. Every 24 months you need to totally replace the coolant liquid in your car. In general it is recommended that you add a combination of water and antifreeze in equal parts. You also need to be cautious while opening the radiator cap – you should do so only when the car engine has cooled off completely.

    Taking care of the air conditioning

    During the summer months one of the most pleasant experiences is when you turn on the AC (air conditioning) in your car. It does provide you a lot of comfort but you need to take proper care of it as well. This is why it is so highly recommended that you get it checked at regular intervals by qualified technicians. Most of the cars these days come with air filters that clean the air that enters an AC system. You would have to replace this filter based on the driving conditions.

    Taking care of the engine performance

    Here is one more thing that you need to keep in mind with regards to taking care of your car’s engine during the summer. How well the engine of your car performs depends on the different filters within the system and this includes the likes of air filter, PCV (positive crankcase ventilation), and oil filter. It is highly recommended that you replace these filters based on driving conditions. If the driving conditions are more on the dustier side you would have to replace the filters that much frequently. Spring and winter months are more vulnerable to accumulation of debris and dust.

    There are several other crucial parts of the car that you need to take care of at this time of the year such as the tires, brakes, battery, windshield wipers, lights, and engine oil, to name a few. Apart from these you need to be prepared for emergency situations as well. During the summers, hot weather makes worse the heat building up on the surface of the tire and weakens it structurally. Maintaining the brakes of your car is just as important as maintaining the engine, and the same thing can be said of the battery as well. Periodic car servicing is important for your car’s health.

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