Car Coating – Teflon Vs Ceramic

    Car Coating

    Teflon and ceramic coatings for vehicles are synthetic sealants. They help in protecting the car paint surface by creating a layer. It helps in protecting the paint surface from scratches and foreign elements like heat, cold, dust and rain. The capability of retaining the paint surface’s glass makes the cars popular; unlike traditional waxing, Teflon coating lasts about one year, and ceramic coating lasts about five years.

    Teflon Coating:

    Teflon coating is a synthetic material that helps bond your car’s painting service and form a layer over it. It is one of those layers that help protect from scratches and helps maintain the shine on your vehicle for a long time.

    Some of the benefits of Teflon coating are as follows:

    1. Teflon coating makes the paint surface hydrophobic, and additional water on the car paint surface may not damage the Teflon coating because it can slip the water away.
    2. Teflon coating can help prevent scratches on the car’s surface through small dust particles. If you include Teflon coating in your car, the shine of your vehicle lasts for a long time because it safeguards the paint surface.
    3. Teflon coating can help in scratch removal because the scratches that have not entered the car paint surface can be easily eliminated by applying a Teflon coating.
    4. Every material comes with certain disadvantages, and here are some of the disadvantages of Teflon coating.
    5. Teflon coating has low durability because the life span of Teflon coating is only six months to 1 year if you maintain them properly.
    6. The initial price of Teflon coating can be affordable compared to ceramic coating but is relatively costlier in the long run.
    7. You can remove the Teflon coating easily with soap and mild detergent with frequent washes.

    Ceramic Coating:

    1. Ceramic coating is responsible for providing your car exterior with a glossy finish. The application process of ceramic is the same as Teflon coating, but there is only a single difference because the area, in this case, is covered by curing treatment at a time. Here are some of the advantages of ceramic coating.
    2. Ceramic coating is shiny, transparent and hard and helps improve the overall appearance of your vehicle and protect the surface. Ceramic coating is resistant to ultraviolet rays. This coating layer does not oxidise the surface of your car and makes it look like a new car for a long time.
    3. Ceramic coating is water resistant and is also hydrophobic, like Teflon coating.

    Ceramic coating also comes with certain disadvantages:

    Ceramic coating demands a professional for removal and application. The ceramic coating requires high maintenance, and you must clean and wash your car to keep it in the best shape. The ceramic coating may be hydrophobic but can leave some water stains behind if you do not dry it properly. Ceramic coating is not capable of protecting against all kinds of scratches.

    Comparing ceramic and Teflon coating, you can consider ceramic coating if you look forward to a long-lasting application. But, if you want to consider the car coating from the price point, then Teflon coating will be applicable.

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