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    Car Care Services in Noida

    Egadi Car Care
    • Though electric vehicles may be expensive to purchase at the initial stage compared to conventional powered counterparts, they’re generally cheaper to operate via affordable home charging. Electric vehicles also save their owners cash on an ongoing basis via lower long-term fuel & maintenance costs.
    • EVs eliminate over two-dozen mechanical components that would normally require periodic service.
    • An EV owner avoids paying more for things like tune-ups, transmission servicing, and replacing, spark plugs and drive belts.
    • Sources suggest electric vehicle owners spend roughly a third of what conventionally powered auto owners do for regular service.
    • Still, an EV is not maintenance free. All automakers insist owners follow a series of periodic checks and services in order to keep the vehicle’s warranty in effect.
    • Hence at Egadi, we ensure hassle-free, customized & recommended service maintainence based on car manufacturer’s instructions.
    Vehicle & Condensor Fins Wash6 months7000 kms
    Top-up Fluids (Brake, Transaxle Oil, Coolant, Battery Electrolyte & Windscreen Washer)6 months7000 kms
    High Voltage Battery Box Checkup6 months7000 kms
    Inspect looseness, cuts, wear & tear in High Voltage Cables6 months7000 kms
    Battery & Traction Cooling System Inspection6 months7000 kms
    Diagnostic Trouble Code Inspection & Clearance6 months7000 kms
    Vehicle Suspension Settings1st Service: 1 year 2nd service & beyond: 6 Months1 st Service: 15000 KMS 2nd Service & Beyond: 7000 Kms
    Brake Pads & Linings1 yearEvery 15000 kms
    Wheel Alignment1 yearEvery 15000 kms
    Tyre Pressure & Rotation6 monthsEvery 7000 kms
    Battery Electrolyte Gravity Inspection6 monthsEvery 7000 kms
    Check Headlamp Functions1 yearEvery 15000 kms
    Check Vehicle Aircon/ Fatc6 monthsEvery 7000 kms
    Replace Ac Filter1 yearEvery 15000 kms