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    Car Paint Application​​​

    Car Paint Application

    At Egadi, we understand that your car is more than just a mode of transportation – it’s an extension of your personality and style. Our Car Painting Workshop is dedicated to providing top-tier painting services that go beyond the surface, ensuring your vehicle stands out with a stunning finish. Our Services

    • Precision Color Matching

    Achieve the perfect hue for your car with our advanced color matching technology. Whether you’re restoring the original color or opting for a custom look, we guarantee an exact match that seamlessly blends into your car’s design.

    • Quality Paint Products

    Egadi exclusively uses high-quality paint products from well renowned brands such as Axalta, Akzonobel & PPG to ensure durability and a long-lasting vibrant finish. Our expert technicians are trained to apply paint with precision, bringing out the best in your vehicle.

    Doing Timely Car Painting Service for your car will ensure:
    1. Rust Prevention
    2. Enhances the look of your car’s exterior
    3. Increases Car Resale Value
    4. Increased Protection against elements like Harsh Weather & Ultraviolet.